Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Indoor Football

We traveled all the way to Salt Lake to play an Ogden team - go figure.  The game was played in the Spence Eccles Field House, near the University of Utah.  It was quite the building.  Even bigger than the Trojan Century Center.  
Treyson - sporting #44, just like Grandpa Roger did. 
The fake turf was better than the fake turf at West High School two weeks ago, which was pretty much frozen.  It's surprising how DIRTY the boys get, on this fake turf.  
There were no bleachers, so the boys laid out on blankets.  Here is Tagg pretending to sleep and snore. 
Not alot of room on the sidelines. 
What would we do without devices?
Play probably.  Be more active and involved?
I managed to capture a moment when they weren't bugging each other. 
Can't see Treyson, he's down on the line, hidden, with blue shoes (that you can see)   They lost by one touch down, much better than the previous week.  It was a good game.  

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