Tuesday, April 25, 2017

OuR LiFe LaTeLy

One of Thatch's masterpieces from Preschool.
I think it's somewhat of a self portrait (with wings?)
Notice the glasses :)
Seems he always has a book in his hands.
This is a GOOD thing !
Payson and Thatcher are playing soccer on the same team.
Here they are practicing before the game. 
So fun to watch them !
Notice Tallon getting watching too :)
Grandma Ben's 80th birthday party was a great success.
We had a great luncheon before the Open House
And the ice cream machine was a total hit.

Bright kept showing me the rainbows her sprinkles made....
She's a sweetie.
One of the signs
And now some videos (below) for your viewing satisfaction (ha!)
You'll get a chuckle.

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