Friday, April 28, 2017

Memorial for our Angel

A lot of thought and love went into this from Mom and Dad.
I believe the heart beat is Tenzin's actual "line" from the echocardiogram.
The little elephant is Tenzin's symbol - so sweet.
The Mama holding the Baby - Click here to listen to Bette Midler's version, with pics from Dumbo.
This is the song played at Tenzin's graveside service (although it was Allison Krause's version)

11 days was not long enough
And living without you is more than tough
But our love for you will never fade
The imprint on our hearts is forever made
 ~ Christel Rich
Such a cold cold day for placement of the headstone, but Zac and CJ were there, and they got the boys out of school, so everyone could be a part of it. 
A beautiful little memorial for a beautiful PERFECT baby boy.

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