Sunday, July 27, 2014

Morgan Valley Marathon - 5K

These three - ready and raring to RACE !

These two........not so much :)
Shirlee's words....."This sounds much more fun when I signed up last March!"

Where's your headband Zachary !?!

Thatcher's little ear was bent over with the headband, and he looked like Dopey (one of the seven dwarves). Later we found out that it was actually a mosquito? bite.   It is so sad and puffy and red, and totally sticks out.  Hope it doesn't stay that way !

Crazy kids :)

Ninja  Runner !

Tagg and Zac were the first to arrive !!  34 minutes  Yeah !!

Good Job Taggie :)

Here come Kacey and Kaley !!
They ran the 10K - Go girls !!

These two were kinda slow pokes, coming in at 50 minutes!  What !?!   

Aunt Kiki went back to walk with CJ and Thatcher
Good Job Everyone 

This is becoming a tradition !

Treyson - what a sweet kid :)

With the Grandmas :)

Seeing Grandpa Ben - he loves his Arizona girl !!

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