Sunday, July 13, 2014

Cool time in the creek

Rog and I worked so long and hard in the HOT HOT HOT barnyard yesterday.  We both wanted to go and throw ourselves in the creek, so that's what we did !!  We had a great cool relaxing evening at the Property.

Of course the kids got in too, and CJ

Getting out was a different matter .............

Then Lindsey and girls got there, and we decided to float the creek !
Tagg, Treyson, Kaydence, Kamry

It is quite the ordeal to get them all in and loaded up with adults in every tube, and all floating down together.

The first run down, me and half of Lindsey's girls and Payson were watching for them on the platform.

Here they come!  and we are ready with squirt guns !

Grandpa Roger even got in to cool off !

Of course everyone tried out the zip line again  :)

Payson really wanted to - but then at the last minute he said no.  I think next time he will do it !

Supper was good

Zac was the only one who could get Pays to eat his hotdogs :)

Then back in the creek they went !

Cute Goofs 

Brightyn was a HAPPY HAPPY  baby  

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