Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Couple of cool summer nights.....and other things :)

My mom, Aunt Dawna, and sister Erika (Kuk)

Thatch showing off his cute little animal.  He is such a cheeser !

Tagg bought a little wooden box (full of golf balls) at a yard sale Saturday morning.  When he brought it up to show me, he dropped it off the front porch, and it broke into pieces.  Here is Grandpa Roger getting it fixed up with the wood glue !! Yea!!

Tagg has lost ANOTHER tooth - makes it hard to eat some things, but not peas!!  Which as I got a close up of his teeth, all you could see was pea guts (stuck in his teeth) - I'll spare you THAT picture :)

Saturday night, CJ called about 8:30, and said, "Why don't you ride your bikes over town and we'll go for a bike ride!"  We did, and it was really fun............

Then it got dark !

We made it back to Zac and CJ's, and then they drove us home in the car :)  We need to do this again !!

Sunday afternoon, the boys came up, and with the beautiful asphalt, they cannot be contained !!   I need to post a video, but they are quite the go-getters........even Thatch.

Our borrowed peacock, dragging a feather.  Apparently this is the time they lose them.  I've picked up about 30-35 feathers over the past two weeks.  Fun fun !!

The little boys LOVE LOVE LOVE Grandma D's salsa!!

Brightyn was SUCH a good baby.  I can hardly wait to get she and Cam together for some pics :)  Our two beautiful Grand daughters.

Out of all the kids, I think Payson loves this swing most of all.  Kacey (and Tagg) would push, and Brightyn would just giggle and giggle. 

The light is just beautiful in the evening at the property.

Zac got the tire swing hung !!
Thank you Zachary !!

Before we left we had to stop and visit the garden.  Thatch "helped" Grandpa D with the watering.

The rest of us raided the PEAS - so good !

AND the few hiding raspberries.............. When they come on, there will be a TON.  I sure hate the bees though - they are EVERYWHERE.

The sunset was beautiful, with a red glow due to all of the smoke in the air.

I ended up taking mom and dad up to Round Valley and we stopped at Bruce and Carol's and watched the fire fighting efforts.  The fire had "exploded" yesterday afternoon in the wind, and traveled down through Tunnel Hollow, and crested the ridge into Philshop Hollow.  We saw the big tanker planes dropping the red fire retardant.  It was pretty impressive.

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