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Party ON - July 4th and Landon's birthday

July 4th started off early in the morning with breakfast at the park.  Then we headed to the Property as Zac and Grandpa "D" worked on another sprinkler issue.  They moved the pump down from Dad's house to the property, hoping that pushing the water would work better than pulling it.

They worked on it throughout the Day. 

We took time out for the parade at 10am.  This is the first year these two really "GOT" it, as far as scrambling for the candy.

Treyson really caught the vision of helping Thatcher, instead of grabbing all of the candy for himself.  I was really proud of how he took care of him, and didn't worry about himself.

Back at the Property I hurried and snapped a picture of their CLEAN shirts.  I knew it wouldn't last too long :)

Meanwhile, the work continued


My Whittier cousins were having a party of their own that day at Reed's Park, and they came down and got in the water with their kids and grandkids.  Treyson and Tagg sure enjoyed (pestered) them.  They were so kind to them, and I really appreciated it.

Zac ended up having to saw a bigger hole in the grate that was buried in about a foot and a half of water.

After they got wet, we built a fire and cooked us up some hotdogs for lunch. 

Thatch will NOT bite his fudgesickle.  Licks only for this little guy.

Back in the water :)

CJ isn't feeling well today, but she made it up to the Property and hung out in the shade.

I always try to capture some cute pics by the creek.  These boys are usually very willing to cooperate.

Treyson got brave, and ventured into the deep water backed up by the Welch Ditch Dam. 

Tagg was a little more tentative (at first)

Grandpa and Grandma Ben came down and we all just sat in the cool shade and relaxed and watched the kids in the water.

Zac took a break and floated the creek with the kids.  Thanks Daddy !

The work continued - almost done !

The next day (July 5th) it was Landon's 26th birthday, and he would be leaving the next day for the Philippines, so we decided to have big party.  Here is Brightyn smooching with Grandma Ben.

Oh boy did we have a BUNCH of little boys running around, playing in the water and having SO MUCH FUN !

Now THIS Is a familiar sight !  haha - Grandpa Ben takes a little getting used to with the babies ;)

The INFAMOUS STUMP.  I told Treyson I'd give him $10 if he would take a flying leap off this stump, and into the creek.  Challenged him starting last year.............still hasn't happened yet !

Grandpa Gary and Payson

They made about 4-5 "river runs".  Here they come !

They had such a great time.

Payson wasn't too sure about getting in the water. As it was, when he finally did, he fell ASLEEP, floating down the creek on his daddy's lap through the slow moving water, shaded by the overhanging trees :)

Thatcher, Zac, and Tagg

I wish I had a video of how this picture went down.  I called for all of these little boys to get together, and Thatcher wasn't anywhere near........he heard me, and came a runnin' !!  Sided in on the end, and turned on the CHEESE :) 

Thatcher, Braxton Mecham, friend of Logan Foster, Treyson, Logan Foster, Taggarino

Then I had to get the BIG BOYS, and of course, Thatcher ran over to that picture also (too funny !)
Thatcher, Keysto, Chans, Roger D. Landon, Zachary

Oh if we could just bottle the happiness and fun and good times that were had there that day :)

This is usually how Roger D. loads up for the trip to Richville Lane to drop off the tubers.  There were so many this time, that they ended up getting the trailer for the tubes, and everyone piled in the truck cab and bed.

Can't get enough of this baby girl and her beautiful blue eyes.  She had on the cutest pair of soft pink SKINNY JEANS. 

Here is the part where Payson fell fast asleep while floating with his Daddy and cousin.

Then we headed down to the zip line !!  Thatcher was ready and raring to go.  He had watched his brothers go for it, and had no fear.   Hold on Tight !!

Everyone wanted in on the action, and we had quite the lineup.

And quite the audience!

The zipline has a rope attached, and Devin stood at the other side of the creek, and Aaron on this side, and they relayed it back and forth.

There goes Treyson !

And here goes Thatch again.......We were trying our hardest to get Payson to give it a try, but short of duct taping him in the seat, and traumatizing him, we didn't press the issue.  He'll love it as he gets older I'm sure.

Kuk and Izzy :)

The Birthday Boy and family

Landon (on tippy toes) with Brian and Colton. We thought we'd take this, and then compare heights in the future when Landon gets back.  Landon headed back to the Philippines on Sunday.  Kacey and the kids head back on August 3rd. 

It was a great couple of days - celebrating and having a great time with the family.

Those that came on the 5th:

Lee and Veloy Dickson
Roger and Gwen Rich
Zac and CJ and Treyson, Tagg, Thatcher
Landon and Kacey and Payson and Brightyn
Erika and Aaron Bettinson and Brian and Colton
Jaden, Devin and Dax Dickson

Ben and LuAnn Rich
Joni and Kerry Porter and Chans
Keysto and Kaley Porter and Kroix, Harper and Kolston

Gary and Carol Brooks
Blake Mecham and Braxton, Dayton and Hayden
Marlin and Sue Brooks
Scott and Sarene Brooks and son

John Foster and Landon, Logan and Skylie and a friend

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