Thursday, July 31, 2014

Rainbows, Goats and a Missionary

Rainbow - July 29th about 7-8pm?  Beautiful 

Blakeley came up for an hour while her mom taught Cross Fit.  These two have fun together :)

What a Rodeo !?!?!  We picked up Paris and France (Cam's names for the goats) from the Prescott's.  It wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be.  They are sure cute :)

Thatcher was pretty chill around the dogs this time.  Just as long as they didn't show their teeth up close !

We got the goats caught, home, and prepared the barnyard (one side) for them.  Moved some logs over for them to jump on.  

The kids tried to bribe them with alfalfa pellets........but they would have none of that.  They are a little skittish, but we know they will warm up to us. 

This kid is going to grow up and join the Circus !!

Later in the day we headed to SLC to see Tiana come home from her mission.  Here, Cam and Erika are comparing heights.  She's almost caught up to Kuk !

Brightyn and Grandma D

Erika got this cool banner !

Greeting Grandma and Grandpa.
The first words from her mouth to Erika, "I wasn't ready to come home :**( "

Meeting Brightyn for the first time

Brightyn started doing this funny thing with her little tongue.  I think she just discovered it !

Welcome Home Tiana !
(Colton photo bombing in the background)

Brian, Tiana, Colton
Lance will see her in a couple of weeks when he comes home from California (Stanford)

This lovely little lady makes me smile :)

She's sitting pretty good !

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