Sunday, July 27, 2014

Fun ALL DAY LONG at the Property !

After the race, we high tailed it up to the Property, where we fixed a yummy breakfast.

Bacon, Pancakes, Eggs and Hashbrowns

Chocolate milk and Orange Juice  (Cam has been SUCH a big helper)

Brightyn was such a good girl.  Kacey had to help her mom with football stuff, but she brought the kids up, and I'm so glad she did.  We had a great day.

Here is Zac again, trying to get Pays to eat.  Silly Boy.

It was a beautiful morning, and the food all tasted so good!

Tree monkeys

Payson is such a good helper.  He and the other boys (and Cam) carried dead wood to the fire, and we worked to clean up the downed trees.

There were a couple of trees that had fallen, and caught upon other trees, and they were in dangerous positions, so Zac and Roger finished cutting and pulling them down.  Then there was the mess to clean up  of course :)  The little boys were fascinated by the chainsaw.

They helped carry the little logs, and sat on the big ones.

They even "helped" with the raking.  Maybe help isn't the right word (haha).

Look at this BIG GIRL - she's learning to SIT !!

These two hung out all day.  They got along really well.

This was the first big tree they pulled down.

And it's down !

Cam was sure a big helper, and a wonderful cousin.

This game is called, sprinkle (throw!) the rocks on Taggie !

They loved the squirt guns too.

We laid in the shade and relaxed part of the time.

Oh this kid has a mind of his own :) 

Zac, getting ready to work on the second "snag" and pull it down.  I must say, I was pretty relaxed and calm today.  I am usually a nervous wreck when this is going on.

And of course there was playing in the creek !

Love having her here to enjoy Morgan.  Wish her whole family could come.

Gonna get you !

And YOU !!

She had a great day !

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