Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Lagoon Days and other stuff :)

These two get along pretty well.  She is a little taller than him, and HE is a little heavier than her.  They are 17 months apart.  Love them !
And Cam sure loves Thatcher !
On Rattlesnake Rapids.........
Just before I put my phone away :)
We were SOAKED !!
Totally !
Can't remember what ride we were on, but Cam was in charge of the selfie :)
He had never been on an UP and DOWN horsie before.  Loved it !!
This day - it was SO HOT !!
Back at home, I fixed pizza.  The kids decided to climb the rotomill hill.  
She loves her Grandpa!
Got her hair trimmed, and a new braid - thanks Amy !
Two Peas in a Pod - A little Scooby Doo, and the Standard Examiner.
Making a shell picture for entry in the fair - hope she gets a first place!
On our way to Lagoon again !!
Pays loved this ride :)
But then his mom went on the roller coaster with Cam, and he wasn't too happy :(
He cheered up for the jeeps !
The whole crew - Monday night at Lagoon. (except me taking the pic) - This was just before they got Rog on Wicked..........which he didn't know included the UP and DOWN "loop" that he could see in the distance.  Funniest story ever !!
Early this morning we saw two baby fawns just off our back lawn.
Cam decided to put her face paints to work.
Cute little baby Zebra :)
I worked on Tagg's face (he's a vampire).  Not sure why Thatcher looks so startled.

We've been having a great time !!

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