Friday, May 2, 2014

Odds.....Ends......Kids....... Grandkids........ Lovin' Life

This landmark was torn down this morning

If only I would have had my VIDEO button going.   As they pulled the roof off,, the entire front brick face fell outwards on the lawn, spewing bricks out into and across the road.   It's a good thing cars weren't passing by or they would have been hit for sure.  They hurried and stopped traffic, and grabbed shovels, brooms, etc. and everyone pitched in to clean it up, and there was no problem.  Nothing like adding a little excitement !! 

Next  - a proud shout out to Camryn !!  She took 2nd place out of the ENTIRE 4TH GRADE on her poem entitled,  " I Am A Puddle"   The assignment was to take an inanimate object and make it human.  I think she did an AWESOME JOB !! 

Here she is, and the Evening of Excellence in Education night.  She was able to share it with all of her family.  

Cheeser Rich......all ready to go to Treyson's school program. 

Last week, Tagg had a Pop's night, and had fun singing with the rest of the Kindergarteners to their DADS..  Doesn't he look handsome ??

Zac ran a 30 K (18 miles approx.) last Saturday.  He took 2nd overall in his age/gender category for the Stider's Winter Racing Circuit, which was a 5K (3 miles) 10K (6 miles) 10 miler, Half Marathon (13 miles) and a 30K (18 miles) 

Treyson won his PINEWOOD DERBY !!
He raced multiple times, and never lost a race !
Go Treyson !!


Such beautiful pics !!!

Whoops - this one was at a Catholic Church where they had gone to see one of their employees get married. 

It is so good to see pics - Gary and Carol (Kacey's parents) are over there now, and they are going to have a great two weeks visiting with the gang.  They are planning on visiting Hong Kong, and Disneyland, and Borocay Island Resort.  Hopefully we can get over there this fall.  

And earlier today we went to Treyson's FRIEND program (2nd grade)
It was GREAT.  He asked me about 10 times - Grandma, did you get that? on video ;)  
I told him I would POST IT ON THE BLOG!!!

Treyson's program - 6 different Videos

The Song - I like being me

The Song - Be a Friend

The Song - Choosing Friends

The Recitation - watch for the duet with he and Abby at the end !

The Dance

The end

Oh - and THIS GUY is going to DIE tomorrow !!..............stay tuned..........

No - not the white one..........he accident or ..............we don't know.  The the BLACK BUGGER has turned MEAN, and the last straw was when he bit little Thatcher THROUGH THE CORRAL FENCE !!!  His hours are numbered............ it should be interesting.

All we need to do is grab, chop, dip, pluck, eviscerate, and that order............ since he weighs about 50 pounds........and we have never done anything like this before............   it should be ....interesting?

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