Sunday, May 25, 2014

Rainy Day - but we got alot done !

We met at the Property to get the sprinklers fixed.  It was lightly raining - not too cold, but these firebugs wanted a fire of course :)

The little old pump that runs so much of the sprinkling system was not working correctly.  Dad fights this every year, and it causes MUCH STRESS!.  Zac came up with a great idea to fix it, that involved minimal work and expense.  

Rog got home from work just in time to help.  Grandma and CJ were the supervisors (haha)

Hmmm.............. It was a kind of "make it up as you go" process at some points :)

The boys had their bogs on, because they had been looking for a frisbee that got tossed in the hay field, and their shoes were totally soaked.  Then they started in the sand, and wanted WATER too !  We said NO to that (it's too cold)!  They fought a little (playing together) - but mostly had a good time. 

See what I mean about the supervisors? 

We also had to re-route and bury the electrical line.  Rog just about chopped my fingers off a couple of times.  The video below is PRICELESS !

OMHECK !!! Who is that digging a TRENCH !?!?!  

We all pitched in to get the job done.

And some of us got dirty in the process.   

Good job done !

Mom's flowers look beautiful this year 

Everytime the 4-wheeler starts up, Thatch runs to it for a ride, no matter who is driving :)

He's a big helper too !

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