Friday, May 16, 2014

Another Busy Week.......peacocks..... toothless wonders..... chubby doors..........who could ask for more ;) ?

You may remember Tagg lost his two top teeth  (one of the front middle ones, and the one right night next to it) in December 2011, just before Christmas in an unfortunate accident at the shop.   He's been eating (very carefully)  with a big hole in his mouth.  Kinda hard to eat an apple :)  Well, the OTHER front tooth finally got loose and came out, and now he has an even BIGGER space.  Thank goodness the permanent ones should be in soon.  

Chubby Chubsters.   Just look at those cute little Michelin Tire arms......can you count them?  FOUR ROLLS, plus the DOUBLE CHIN!   Such a sweet little cutie.  Why is it that chubbiness is so cute at 4 months, and not so much at 53 years ?  

Payson loves to  go to Pizza Hut where he gets his own HAT !!  Now if he could just lose that binky !  ;)

Brightyn is finally getting the urge to turn over !!  Go Brightyn !

Take a look at what we registered at the office the other day........

The Munster Mobile !  Seriously, it was used in the movie !! 

As I went out to go to work the other morning, I could hear the peacock screeching.  It was echoing over and over, but I couldn't see it in the yard...........I guess he's decided he likes THIS PERCH better !

We are enjoying his visit.  He rest under the pine tree out front, prowls around our driveway, and even visits the other animals in the barnyard.  

Thatcher at the ball game the other night.  He chugged a WHOLE BOTTLE of Gatorade. 

Not sure why he had to show me his teeth..........

Go Treyson !!!

After the game.  These two are so photogenic.  LOVE THEM !!  We were happy to see the REDBIRD team that Treyson is on :)

And, as we head out of the ball park.  This is where we will be spending our Wednesday and Thursday nights for the next 6 weeks - YEAH !!!

Tagg and Ryker
Ryker is Casey's boy.  Tagg has been trying to convince him that they are cousins (2nd cousins).....but Ryker always says, "No we aren't", which totally bugs Tagg.  I had them get together for a picture, and told him FOR SURE, that they were in fact cousins....... I don't think he believed me ;)

Would you look at those BEAUTIFUL NEW GARAGE DOORS !?!?!?  Clay and Barbara Wilkinson put them in on Thursday.  They are GOOD LOOKIN" !!!!  We are so pleased with them.  
This is an old picture - but I just had to throw it in.  ONLY TWO more DAYS!!!! and these kids are OUT OF SCHOOL.  I don't know who is happier - them or Manda, for the morning commute ;)

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