Monday, May 12, 2014

Whew !! What a Week !

We have had a beautiful visitor this week.  Love to hear the cries.  I wish he'd stick around, but he is the neighbors down the road.

Thatcher has been quite worried about the turkey in my fridge.  He doesn't like it there.  I think he might have a phobia about my fridge for a long time !  

One day last week, it was "Crazy mixed up mismatched clothes Day"  or something like that at the Elementary.  Tagg was rocking the look really well :)

My sis retired from teaching !  30 years is long enough !  

We watched the kids Friday night...........this is how supper went for this little guy.  Come to think of it, this is what he did on Sunday during Mother's Day dinner too ! 

Mom got a sand burr sticker embedded in her heel.  Witch Doctor CJ is working her magic with a tweezers and her OILS.

This is the 35 pound turkey just before I got him ready to go in the oven.   I was kind of grossed out, and worried that I might not be able to eat the meat.

See that BIG BODY CAVITY?  It took ALOT of stuffing to fill it up, that's for sure.

All wrapped up, ready to go in the oven..........then I remembered I forgot to butter it.................and put extra foil around the wings...........AND put the "rack" under it.  It had only been in 10 minutes when I decided to pull him back out and fix these mistakes.  Got a nice burn on my forearm for my troubles.......

All done !  Ready to carve.  See the legs trussed together?  Yup  I went out in the garage and got a piece of fencing wire, and Roger D's trusty fencing pliars, and proceeded to tie him up !

Master Carver

Master Mom and Master Gravy Maker

Colton and Treyson eating on that BIG BIRD !

Dickson Boys !   Dallin is graduating from MHS soon, and headed to Dixie.  Jaden was just hired on as a Flight Attendant for Sky West airlines, and will be moving, out of state at the end of the month, and Dallin is working and going to school.  Wish we saw them more often, but it's always great when we do. 

Dax and Tagg.  Tagg is PRETTY HAPPY to be sinking his teeth into that BAD OLD TURKEY.  He was asking all week long, how many more days till we EAT HIM ?!?!?

Measuring up!  Dax is 7 and Tagg is 6.  They wanted to see which one was taller. Smart phone cameras are SO HANDY !!


Mom Carrie and her boys

Loving Zac.  Can you believe he wouldn't give his Mom a kiss on the cheek?  haha  Missing Landon and Manda on this Mother's Day.....they both called/texted to remember me. LOVE ALL MY KIDS.

Rog and Mom
Love you LuAnn !

Kuk and boys.   They were able to talk with Tiana and Lance on the phone while at our house.  Tiana will be home from her mission at the end of July. I think Lance is staying in San Fran for the summer.  He's going to Stanford University.  Brian will graduate from Cypress this month.  Colton is in ? grade.........He will be 16 in August.

Cam turns 10 TODAY !!!  Happy Birthday Camryn !!  She had a great birthday party on Saturday with some of her friends.  

They did the PEDICURE thing, and had a great time (sleepover).  I can hardly wait to hear all about it this morning when Manda calls.

We finally got to see some pics from the kids, and their adventures this past week while Grandma Carol and Grandpa Gary were visiting.  Here they are in Hong Kong at Disneyland!

Such a cute little family!  They will be home for a visit next MONTH !!  Yeah !!

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