Sunday, May 18, 2014

Saturday happenings

They have a new addition !  Rusty 2 (or Bandit)  Hopefully THIS  one will work out ;)

I took the boys down to see Annette and Roger's little goats.  So cute !!

They have quite the set up.  I took Roger D down tonight to see again, and he is inspired to get our little farm setup a little differently.  

This is Muffy.  She was the runt, and they are bottle feeding her.  She thinks she's a dog :)

Thatcher was going to give her a kiss 

Otis the Donkey

Tagg took this picture !  Go Tagg !!

Then we headed to J's  It was only about 10 something, but we had a Tangee of course.

They loved the crazy cars out front. 

Selfie at J's.  Love these three yahoos

Zac and CJ finally got their tomato plant in with Grandpa and Grandma D's help.  Hopefully they will have some little sun sugar tomatoes for the boys to feast on later. 

Zac and CJ and older boys headed off to Lagoon, and Thatcher hung out with us at the Property.  Shane Pentz and family, moving the cows dowm from Porterville to Morgan was a highlight!

We just hung out, picked up a few sticks, cleaned out the sandpile...............

Swung on the swings.................

Love that the swings can hold and adult.  Wish though, that we had sprung for the expensive "thingys" that allow the chains to swing freely.  Maybe we can do a few at a time. 

This kid was cheezing it up ALL THE TIME.  He is so used to having Grandma's camera in his face !

This little Piggy went to market...........

We thought we would have his asleep, laying on Grandma's jacket.......but that was shortlived. 

We went over to Uncle Norris's barn, and got Dad's old toboggen he made in the early 60's.  

My mom is good for a 77 year old horsie :)  LOVE YOU MOM !!

He's ready to try it out next winter !

There was also a glider and picnic table that Uncle Norris said we could have for down at the property!  Here Thatch and Grandma are, spraying and scrubbing it off.  

It was a nice enjoyable day !!

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