Monday, April 28, 2014

Trip to Arizona

On the way down we stayed overnight in Vegas.  Rog talked me in to walking over to the Tropicana.  I put $2.00 into a penny machine.......and Viola !  Of course I cashed it out immediately - Yea me !

We went down to AZ 2 weeks early to celebrate this girl's birthday !  She had to show us her AWESOME Science Project.  What a great job Cam !

Checking out Manda's Blendtec.  I. WANT. ONE.

Cam and Cam - LOVE THEM !

ONE of the reasons we went two weeks early :)

Riding the lite rail from Mesa to downtown Phoenix to Chase Stadium.

It was ZOMBIE NIGHT! at Chase Field - the kids were PUMPED :)

Outside the stadium - Rog sporting his St. Louis cap

Right after we got there, and during batting practice, there was a ball hit near us.  But that was the only one !

Our Arizona Family

The kids were able to be made up as ZOMBIES :0 !

Pretty Scary ! - she's got the look going on ;)

Cameron kept cracking up

Saturday we ate here - what an experience !

No utensils !!   It was delish !!
We had a great time here, and in AZ as a whole.  It's always great to see them !

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