Monday, April 21, 2014

Last Saturday Fun

We had an incident in the barnyard.   Thatcher was run over by Billy (the goat) when he (the goat) was startled by a clanking chain.  Thatch was nailed right on the eye by Billy's hoof. 

The culprit 

On a happier note - we purchased two Peacocks, or I should say a Peacock (male) and a Peahen (female).  They are just over a year old.  We spent all morning enclosing the top of the dog run.  We will keep them in here until next Spring, or else they are apt to fly away.  

Miss Piggy claimed the top of the #$&* pile, and was sleeping soundly, when these two yahoos decided she needed to be petted.  She sure makes a sound when she is startled........petted......gotten too close to..........  

Sam will chew on anything, including Treyson's HAIR !!

We headed over to the Property to cook a hot dog, and do some burning.  The kids FACES were BURNING, with the hot coals. 

He's feeling MUCH better now :)

Before we lit the burn pile on fire, Rog and I ran over to the offices to pick up four big boxes which needed to be destroyed.   The boys had a fun time spreading them around. 

It was a great BIG FIRE

It even caught the tree up above on fire !

Then we started on the fenceline and ditch bank near HWY 66

Tried to get Thatch to sleep - but no luck there.........

The boys had such a great time helping.  I think we all have a bit of PYRO MANIA in all of us ;)

Love my MOM !

It was fun to see how the boys pitched in, and the Grandpa's relinquished their rakes.  Such is the life of a giving Grandpa :)  

Thatch and Mommy

He is a character some times !

The boys hid Easter Eggs from each other, at different ends of the Property.  They had a great time doing this. 

Getting a drink with a little help from Big Brother.

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