Saturday, April 5, 2014

This was our Saturday....................

Early morning we headed over to Eden, where Zac was to finish the Striders Half Marathon.  This finish line is at an Assisted Living Center (outside area), and this cute bear is near their entrance.  Thatch didn't know what to think - he was kind of nervous !

Here he comes -  13.1 miles in 1 hour 29 minutes

Showing off the medal, which was actually 1/2 of a medal.  He will receive the other half at a later race. 

It was a beautiful morning - not too cold.  It was great to go and support Zac.

Thatcher got a hold of my phone/camera, and proceeded to take a few pics !

Pretty good - huh?

Oh my heck!  Is that a smile ??

We went home, and headed over to the just kept getting gloomier and gloomier.  This pic is where Tagg grabbed me and Treyson and yelled, "GROUP HUG"!!!!

The big boys and I started a fire while everyone else was over on the other side fencing.  We were hoping to have a weenie roast.

Most pics are of Tagg - he is quite the poser........
Here he is being an Air-bender, or something like that :)

It started sprinkling............and they just kept on fencing, so we decided to break out the marshmellows instead. 

I made the mistake of telling Tagg to wipe his sticky fingers off on the grass.  Bad Idea !!

We finally had to give up - it started to POUR!!  The fencers came over from the other side of the creek, and we all retired to our house for hotdogs on the grill.  It's been a boring day at home since then.  

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