Wednesday, April 9, 2014


We've been waiting for dryer warmer weather to work on the swingset.  It's been about a month since the holes were dug.  I've worried about this part  so much.  Oh how I wish we would have cut the poles quite a bit before setting them in the ground.  I was so nervous for Zac to cut them off.  We decided on only 12' height. so he had quite a bit to cut. 

Thank goodness they were both cut off without any problems.  I sure sighed a big sigh of relief when it was done. 

They boys had fun playing around on the cross beam before it was put up

It is so fun to be together as a family.  

There was an "incident", and some tears...........and apologies................, but it all turned out okay.  

I had my doubts that this would work.   And I was super stressed about this part too, until I realized that the pole would be on the "down" side of the metal lift (so it wouldn't roll back on the tractor driver and decapitate him).........see?  I have my Grandma Dickson in me TO THE BONE !!!

Roger was a MASTER at placing the pole.  Zac had cut grooves into the upright poles, so the crossbeam was somewhat cradled.  Rog just had to have the soft accurate TOUCH, and put it in place.  He did so well!   I got nervous here again, with Zac walking under the beam...

After securing the end where the scaffolding was, he got out ON the beams to release the tie downs....... I was stressing.
Grandma took the boys up to the house to go to the bathroom.  They both refuse to use the porta john (go figure).  While up there, of course she got them ice cream cones.........and Treyson, bless his heart, said, "Don't you think it would be nice if we took one back down to Thatch?"   
Instead of moving the scaffolding back to the other side, Zac just used the tractor for transportaion and as a ladder.

He bolted? screwed? the top beam at each end, and will work to fashion some heavy metal brackets to hold it in place.

Tonight (Wednesday), while I wasn't there to take pics, they got all of the holes drilled for the I-bolts, which hold the chains.  They got the chains attached, but we won't put the swing seats on until we get the top braced better.

It was/is a great PROJECT !!

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