Sunday, October 30, 2016

"The Crown without the Conflict"

Tenzin - 9 days old

Our sweet baby grandson Tenzin Christopher Rich passed away last evening, not long after prayers were asked for in his behalf.  Apparently Heavenly Father has a different plan for him. 

He lived a precious 11 days, and was a joy to his family, and was loved so much by his three big brothers and Mom and Dad. 

The knowledge of his heart defect was sudden and serious, and in less than 24 hours he went from seemingly perfect health, to fighting for his life, and then passing quickly and unexpectedly back to his Father in heaven. 

We know that the Plan of Happiness IS REAL, and that HE LIVES. There is life after death, thanks to our Savior, and we KNOW we will see him again. Please pray for our family, we need the comfort your prayers will bring. 

Families are forever, all is well, Tenzin has received "The Crown without the Conflict".

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