Tuesday, October 18, 2016

October Little Things (so far)

Here are all of the little pumpkins that grew in Grandpa D's garden.  Payson and Brightyn helped me put them in my bathtub, wash them, and dry them off.  They carried them all out here with many trips.   Both Thatcher and Payson took them to share with their respective preschools, plus some for home.  Anita Kimber took some for her grandkids party, and I gave the rest to Carol Brooks for her grandkids party, and also achievement day girls.
Zac and CJ are in their house !
This picture doesn't show the awesome asphalt driveway, but the house is mostly done excepting a couple of exterior things (rain gutters, and painting of white trim boards) 
Fall is in the air, as we have had a couple of storms (no snow yet!)  I love this time of year. 
Tagg finished up his football.  They went to the playoffs, but lost in the first round.  It was fun to support him and Treyson this year.  Fall football is always fun.
Pumpkin Pie shakes courtesy of Grandma Shirlee !!
Cam is still taking bass guitar lessons.
I really want to hear her play !
Some of her friends.  She is outgoing and fun to be around. 
Thatcher  - after his dentist ordeal.  The dentist tried to make his "grey" front tooth, not so grey, with marginal success.  They gave him some liquid Valium, and he was pretty loopy - couldn't walk. 
Anna Lapoint and Treyson at her house.  They are good friends.
Payson and Brightyn picked out their pumpkins at Grandpa and Grandma D's.  Brightyn wanted the baby ghost one for sure.
"R" is for RICH !!!
We found some MOSS next to the shop, and I picked it up and showed them how it felt like velvet.  Then Payson informed me that this is what CARIBOU eat !!  HE IS SO SMART !!!
Ice Cream with SPRINKLES !!!
This is the TREAT DU JOUR at Grandma D's

Someone put this beautiful flower arrangement on my front porch.  It is so beautiful :)  Don't know who the donor was, but it is much appreciated !
Last Saturday was the most glorious day.  Talk about beautiful WEATHER !!
Payson's last soccer game was at 10:30, and it was so warm.  Thatcher was asked to play on his team, and that was so nice.  He's gone to almost every game, and just watched from the sidelines, because he didn't get signed up for soccer this year because of the house being built, boy's football, etc.   Payson played a good game, and didn't come out once.  He is a cautious player, and hangs back.  He really likes to defend the goal.  He scored a goal, and is always so happy when his team scores. 
Roger D and Lando
I think they were talking BASEBALL  (MLB)
My favorite GUY !
We lit the burn pile on fire.  There was a lot of construction waste, and boy did it burn. 
Grandma and Grandpa "D"
CJ wasn't there, but Zac and the boys took the requisite picture.
Landon brought the kiddies up.
Thatcher flying in the fire.
Grandpa Roger and Payson
Brightyn HATES the fire !  She does not like anything HOT!  She avoided, turned away, and didn't want ANYTHING to do with going anywhere near the fire.  Buried her head in Landon's shoulder most of the time they were there.
The rope swing has been touching the ground, so we looked at the base of the big limb that holds it, and it is giving way.  We will probably cut it down soon, before it falls and hurts someone.
Later in the day we took the kids to the Corn Maze in Deep Creek.  It was a little bit of a let down :(
The ground was SO bumpy, and it was really hard walking.
Throwing rocks.
These two are looking forward to Nightmare Ranch, and Staples Maze (in their yard) that are coming up next week.
Later after we had pizza, we went back to the burn pile, and ended up cutting down another limb that had caught fire as the fire had burned.  Zac didn't want it  burning down, and getting the tree house, so he lopped it off.
Also, the other night Treyson got his ARROW OF LIGHT !  We are so proud of him. 
He's now in Boy Scouts, and goes up to Tifie Ranch in his new ward.  He is excited about this !

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