Thursday, October 27, 2016

Tenzin Christopher Rich

He has a name !
First day home - doing a little stretching. 
Of course you need to unwrap and inspect every little detail, right? 
Quite hairy - just like his daddy was. 
Grandma Shirlee is on diaper duty, with brother Thatcher checking things out. 
He was looking a little yellow, so spends alot of time in the beautiful sunshine from the back windows.  *Update from yesterday's doctor visit.  He's going to be getting bili lights/blanket.  Darn Jaundice. 
There are those eyes !
Okay - now get me some dinner !
*He's a great little nurser.  All well in that department 
Picture with Tagg (from the hospital)
The brothers are pretty excited. 
Blakeley's first hold
With Great Grandpa and Grandma D

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