Wednesday, October 12, 2016

St. George Marathon Recapped

On Friday, September 30th, we travelled down to St. George.  Roger, Zac and Thatcher in one car, and myself, and Grandpa and Grandma "D" in the other.  After the marathon on Saturday, Zac and Thatcher would return with Grandpa and Grandma to Morgan, and Roger and I would continue on to San Diego to rendezvous with Manda and family for a vacation.

This picture was taken the night before the marathon at Texas Road House, near our hotel in Washington City.  Early the next morning at 3am, I took Zac over to catch the bus, which would then take him to the start of the Marathon, in the little town of Central, 26.2 miles north of St. George. 
He started the race at 6:50 am, and we made our way over to the finish line at about 9:30 am, where we proceeded to "Wait for Dad".   Joni and Mary Jo were in St. George, and they came over to cheer him on also.  
We spot him !!
Go Dad !!  Good Job !!
Here he comes !!  He ran a great race.
After he passed, we waited in the shade for a little bit, then here he came !
Thank goodness he came back to us, and we didn't have to fight the crowds near the finish line.  He brought Thatcher a creamy popscicle goodie, and then we gathered up and returned to our car which was parked in the St. George temple parking lot.  We then parted ways, one car headed North to Morgan, and one headed South to San Diego. 

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