Thursday, October 13, 2016

San Diego - recap

Camron Claussen was probably the biggest surprise.  My he has grown taller !  His hair is short short short !! 
We walked down to the inside of Mission Beach Bay that first evening.
The lighting was soft as the sun set behind us (on the Pacific).  The water was cool. 
We stayed in a nice house at 810 Sunset Court.
Roger and I had the top level all to ourselves (see that balcony up there on top?)
Main floor was kitchen, living room, and Mitch and Therese and Elle's bedroom/bathroom (plus two balconies there)
Bottom level was the garage, and Manda and Bren and kid's bedroom/bathroom, with patio out front. 
Manda did Elle's hair in french braids each day/night.
They all get along so well.
There is Zoe in the background.  She did pretty good, except didn't eat much, trying to get used to a new place.
Camryn is growing up :(
It is a little difficult to take in.
She no longer "needs" us, but I guess it's all a part of life. 
Love this pic !
Doesn't this pic remind you of Grandpa Ben, giving the grandkid a bad time?

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