Friday, October 14, 2016

San Diego - Belmont Park and relaxing (and walking !)

We walked down (about a mile?) the street (and boardwalk) to Belmont Park.
This is along the boardwalk.  There were bikers, and skate boarders, and runners, and roller-blades, and motorized scooters, and even a group of guys on unicycles, and old fashioned bikes (you know the ones with the BIG front wheel, and the tiny back wheel?)  Wish I could have gotten a picture of them! 
We ate lunch at Coaster's Bar and Grill, I suppose it's named because it's directly across the street from Belmont Park's big roller coaster (which Cam and Cam rode several time :)

Manda and Bren

Our Gang

Cameron tried out the climbing wall

It wasn't easy !

The rollercoaster reminded me of Lagoon's
Back at the house - Mitch and Therese relaxing on the deck
Cam snuggling with Zoe
And Elle being a daredevil :)

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