Wednesday, July 13, 2016

So far this week - the vaca continues................(and so does the house building)

We've been hanging out at Zac and CJ's new house, helping, picking up, "watching", and also have been spending a bunch of time at the Property where it's cool under the trees. I think the fridge down there is more stocked than my fridge at home ! Also we had Payson and Brightyn over the weekend (Friday-Sunday) while Landon and Kacey were in Cali for a wedding reception. It's been a great week.
Wood burning stove installed
This is what happens when you give a girl (2 1/2 years old) an orange,  (thinking she doesn't know how to open it), and low and behold, SHE DOES know how to open it !   She came to me with juicy outstretched hands.........wanting them cleaned..... too funny !
Emjoying Toasty Bake aka Creamed Tuna on Toast
Ice Cream time !
Me and Payson
Photo shoot in front of the waterfall with Cam and Brightyn
Thatcher could be left out - (Payson couldn't have cared less) 
Discovering Indian Soap in Grandpa D's garden
Cam and Brightyn goofing around
All clean !
On the "Big Mean Clown" Swing
We are having so much fun with Camryn around.
Don't know if you can tell, but Thatcher gets eaten alive by the mosquitoes at the Property.  This morning he had 5 on his forehead, and it swelled up, stuck out, and he looked liked Quasimoto. 
Dipping of Toes
Wild animials in the trees
Pretty girl - her book, phone, and earbuds are never too far !
Saturday afternoon, the guys had an audience................
For this !   Soffit and Fascia started !!
Building traps, and catching exhibitionists (haha)
Tagg was a big help !
More watching - in the shade
Bright finally fell asleep on ground.
Hello !
Insulation is going on in the house, in preparation for sheetrock. 
Cam is looking stressed because Tagg is driving !  Talk about a backseat (front seat) driver !   She was FULL of advice and caution, and worry, and "BE CAREFUL".............she's got some Grandma Dickson (with the chickens) in her for sure !!
Inside the house - looking at samples.
Yes (for the fireplace "rock") - NO to the flooring (we proved that IT DOES show footprints)
A common sight - always an audience !  Today was kind of cold, hence the blanket for our AZ girl. 
The Insulators !
Sound barrier insulation is up !
Some of the outside walls are blown in............kind of messy.  Surprisingly, he cleaned it up !
Working on framing in the master tub. 
A late night (8:30pm) quick easy Hoagie supper at the Property (again). 
Roger's post op appointment  - the doctor was pleased, Roger was full of smiles...........this operation has surely been a life changer !!!  
Roger's new hardware

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