Thursday, July 21, 2016

And that's a wrap............. (trying to get back in the groove)

Well, our Arizona girl is back in AZ.  She left on Sunday the 18th.  It was a whirlwind great time here with her, and we always enjoy our time together.  It is hard to keep the blog updated though :)   I find myself getting further and further behind........Summer........House building........Working......Playing...... Life in general.........Crazy times !!!

Friday, Grandma Ben took us to The Oaks in Ogden Canyon for lunch.  It was a good meal, and even better to spend the time with her.  We sure love her !
Then I took Camryn and Treyson to see the new movie - a remake of Ghostbusters.  
Meanwhile at the house - The sheetrockers FINALLY got started on Friday (and finished up on Monday)
The kids get drug over there daily, and either bring something to play with (electronics), or play around the house/outside.  They are really pretty good sports about it all. 
The WRONG front door..........
Always seems like it is something.
The soffit/fascia work continues..........
There is usually an audience :)
*wish I could squat that good !
No words :)
Zac is up - Roger D is down (the cutter), and Tagg is usually the go between. 
These kids..........
The morning routine.....
She is definitely like her mom, and NOT her Grandma.
Dickson Reunion on Saturday the 16th
Lee (Dad), Norris, Maisie, Barbara, Dixie
Cam with her Bettinson Cousins
Lance, Colton, Tiana, Camryn
They (all of the Bettinson's) are so so good to my grandkids.
I love them dearly
More soffit......
And there's a smile?
Must be the shade (haha)
Actually, if I remember the conversation correctly, he was giving his dad (Roger D) a bad time about not cutting the metal just right.......
Relaxing at the Property, down by the ditch.
The peas are ON !!
YEAH! !!!
Monday I headed back to work, and who should visit me there?
This rowdy crew :)
And here we are on Wednesday night.  The soffit/fascia is almost done.  Thank goodness.  Now on to the next project....
On a side note - the tapers showed up Wednesday, and got the first coat on, and also Roland Haslam started on the road. 
Tomatoes are turning !
Tagg's tomatoes are not looking the best.  Not sure what is wrong.  We water them faithfully, but the bottoms are brown, which means a calcium deficiency I think (we are working on fixing that), and the one plant just seems to be drying up.  The Roma tomatoes are very small, not sure if that is the variety, or what.......
Brown bottoms - calcium deficiency
Pretty proud of this Gardner
And finally - love from Lucky

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