Friday, July 8, 2016

Fun Week at the Rich Ranch :)

Well, the little old white garage is painted once again !
This time we had two GREAT helpers
+Cam was able to help finish it up.
Great job, Treyson and Tagg
Grandpa Roger was a GREAT supervisor/task master/slave driver
Here is Cam with Oreo.
The goats are getting bigger.  We for sure will bottle feed the babies next time.  They are SO HARD to catch !!
Rog decided to be a builder.  Cam was a good watcher...........
And snacker............
Grandma Ben came down to visit too. 
Here is the finished product - courtesy of Zac and CJ's left over scraps.
New nesting/laying boxes for the "new" chickens.
Guess who is Cam's favorite goat?
And here she is with Snickerdoodle.
Cam is quite the makeup artist.
She did me up one day.
Thanks Cam!
This is a common sight at night.
After 6 nights of a "shrinking" air mattress, we finally figured out it has a hole.
I tried to patch it - we'll see how it does tonight !
We had a great idea that maybe we could teach these babies to bottle feed at 6 weeks old.
Uh...........bad idea.  Didn't work, haha. 
Brightyn sure loves the animals.
Lucky puts up with alot !
Cam, waiting in Mary Jo's salon.
She and I got our hair cut (both) and colored (me).
Wednesday night we were at the ball-park, watching ...............
..........this guy !!  Landon plays on Rees' softball team.
Tonight was the tournament. 
We stayed and stayed...............
And they played and played.....................
And they were the champions !!
Devin Rees, Jamo Rees, Joe Rees, ?, Jann Farris, ? Landon
Jake Rees, Justin Rees, Derick Roskelley, Alan Tucker
Cam reacting to some rock star/ boy band member
It's his birthday !?!?!?!!? Crazy teenage antics, haha
And she's not even a teenager !!!!!!!!!!!!
Treyson and Broc Mahoskey
Robotics 4-H camp
Tagg has caught the reading bug.
Relaxing a minute at the new house. 
The wood borning stove has been installed
Party at the Property
Hazel Hone, Hank Hone, Emma Hone, James Hone, Thatcher Rich, Blakeley Taylor, Porter Hone, Tagg Rich, Camryn Dee Schutt, Treyson Rich, Colton Hyde, Aubrey Hyde
Boys only !
Matt and his kids
Stacy and Jeff came and chatted for a little be about dark-thirty.
Crossfit going strong in West Haven.
Can you spot Kacey and the kids?
9am class - Landon goes earlier. 
This bunch has been spending time at Lagoon.
So Much Fun !!
More Robotics Camp
They built their robits, and programmed them on the computer.
Thursday night was Justin and Lindsey's reception in Morgan
This little one wore her cute TUTU. 
Cute family - part of the wedding party.
Landon and Kacey are off to Cali with friends of the bride and groom, for the California Reception.  They will be back on Monday.  We have the kids until then.  Wish us luck !! 

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