Monday, July 25, 2016

Landon's Family - alot going on.

Trips to the Dentist !
Lagoon of course.  With season passes, this happens quite a bit.  
Camping in the Uintas
Brightyn is squeeling with delight.  She is SUCH a dare devil.
In bed with all of the cousins (camping)
Brightyn, Harper, Kolston, Kroix, Payson, Kellen
Watching fireworks last night for the 24th.
Kacey with Kolston and Bright
More camping - sure looks like dirty fun !
Wow, these pics are in no order at all !
Earlier in the month they traveled to Cali for Justin and Lindsey's wedding.  This is the wedding party.  Let's see if I can name them all.  Alan Tucker, ?, Colton Winchester, ?, ?, Justin and Lindsey, Landon, Travis BoBo, ?, Kacey, Tim Poll, and Ian Feik.  
Payson finished up hisT-ball/Coach pitch baseball in West Haven.
Landon was the Coach.  What a fun little team.
Kacey is baby sitting her cousin's kids.  Here they are one morning when I stopped down to drop off some eggs.  Totally  engrossed in Peter Pan, right in the middle of their own FORT :)
West Haven Crossfit.  Kacey is in the back, holding Payson.  Not sure where Landon and Brightyn are.  They really enjoy Crossfit.  It is a great thing they can enjoy together as a couple and family. 
During the trip to Cali - with a stop off in Las Vegas on the way home, in front of the Bellagio Fountains.
Cute couple in their wedding attire :)

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