Saturday, July 16, 2016

Cherry Hills - 2016

Landon with the kidlets

At the top of the slide - these boys know no fear (on this slide)

And at the bottom

And off they go to run around and do it again :)

Brightyn loves it too !

OH OH - Payson was running and slipped and fell on the cement.  Got three nasty cuts on his knee and toe.  Soon he was bandaged up, and back to smiling and running around. 

They all headed over to the big blue enclosed water slide tubes.  

Oh what fun !

Yea Treyson !
Grandpa Roger ran to Papa Johns (just down the street) and picked up pizza for everyone.  It was a hit !  Cherry Hills is so great to let you bring in coolers full of drinks, and your own food, so you don't have to pay an arm and leg. 

Begging for a kiss she wouldn't share :)

Thatch and Zac in the Lazy River (my favorite)

Landon with Brightyn in the tube, and me adjusting my glasses.  

Plenty of splashes

Payson and Kacey

Standing in line for the Cardiac Canyon slide

Landon is always such a sport, and gets in with the kids for fun things like this.  They love him !

Treyson v Waterfull
Guess who won?

Getting out of the Lazy River

Getting ready to do it again !

Checking out the pics that were taken

Landon and Kacey and kids(This was at the end of the night, when the kids were in their jammies ready to head home)

Our AZ girl and Lando

Grandpa and Bright

Bunny Face !

Zac and CJ and Family

The TEENAGERS ~~~~~~~~~~~
Cam and Blakeley
Back to the tubes
Brightyn was smiling ALL THE WAY DOWN - NO FEAR

She is SO CUTE !

Another time down the tubes with mom, the "ballast" wasn't heavy enough, and they got stuck here.....the lifeguard had to pull them out !

They had so much fun playing on the Pirate Ship (in the rear)

Payson on the other hand, DIDN'T LIKE THE TUBES
He was crying all the way down, and Landon did his best to hold him UP OUT OF THE WATER at the end..........but..............

Then this happened, and they both got a dunkin'..........
More Tears. 
Upside Down FUN

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