Sunday, December 6, 2015

Goodbye - for a little while

Ben and LuAnn

Grandpa Ben died last night at 7:20 pm. - December 5, 2015, he was 89 years old.

It will be hard not to see these two together.

Oh what a tease he was.......I'm just smiling, thinking about him.
This is my favorite picture of him :)

It has been a hard 3 weeks since his stroke on Sunday evening, November 15th.  He was in the hospital for a week, and home for almost two weeks.  Hospice is wonderful, and the service they provide......Those nurses and CNA's are such angels.  Layna (a grand-daughter) works as a CNA at Family Tree, and she helped so much.  She is so sweet, and it was so special to see her take care of Grandpa.  The family rallied around Grandma, and although it was hard to see Grandpa weaken and get worse, it was a special time to be around each other, and share our love for each other.

It was special to see the love and care and concern for a husband, father and grandfather, from LuAnn and the kids.

We know he is free of pain and worry, and must be so happy to be with Linda and Ambure again, and Randy, and his mom and dad and brothers and sister, and friends who have passed on before.  What a wonderful reunion it must have been.

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