Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Thanksgiving Burn.....turned into a Christmas Burn !

Rog and Zac added the straw that they had used for the insulation for the cement work to the pile.  That may have been the wrong decision !  They piled it on the foot of snow already on the pile, thinking it would light up quickly........it did not.
The swings are right near the burn pile, and Erika and the kids took advantage of it.
They kept trying.............and finally it started.
This is Thatcher's COLD face!  I think he just accidentally got hit with a snowball.
Here comes Payson !
More snowball fights.
Brightyn was ALL bundled up.
At one point when the fire got going, and we had moved closer to it to keep warm, she kept her face totally buried in Kacey's neck.  She thought she would get burned if she looked at it I guess.
Usually, we have to stand WAY BACK from the fire, because of the heat, but not this time !  We were all standing close, trying to get warm.
These four YAHOOs built a snowman.
Zac took a break and had a snowball fight with Pays and Thatch.
Zac and CJ and kids.
Landon and Kacey and kids.
Me and Rog
Mom and Dad
More snowball fights.  Poor Colton was used as a buffer.  Landon has no mercy !
The Bettinson Bunch with Larissa.  It is so good to have her around !

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