Thursday, December 24, 2015

Dickson Family Christmas Party

We played our annual LEFT RIGHT CENTER game, and Carrie won this time!   This is always a hit.

Pictionary is loved by everyone.
Payson is quite the artist !
No one guessed his drawing ;)

Treyson drew a picture of one guessed it ;)
I wish I had a full length picture of Brightyn.
She was decked out so pretty in a beautiful maroon dress, and cute sweater.
The kids wrestled, and finally CJ had to show them who was boss.

Thatcher commandeered my phone, and took pictures.........
It's amazing how Roger will smile for the camera when a little boy is the one taking the picture.
Payson says CHEESE
Dax says Peace out
I think this was a selfie
(Thanks Dallin)
Then we started the gingerbread house decorating.  This year we only did 2 houses (Rich and Bettinson).  The Dickson's house bit the dust in transit ;(
Bright sat for a long time on Grandpa D's lap, showing him how this fun toy worked.  At one point I looked over, and she was reaching up and taking him by the chin, and making sure he was watching.  It was pretty cute. 
Treyson and Tiana's masterpiece !
The boys certainly out number the girls in our family.
Dallin, Landon, Jaden, Devin, Lance, Colton
Payson, Treyson, Thatcher, Tagg, Dax
Kacey (Brightyn), Tiana, Larissa, CJ
And my SIBS
Mark, Erika, Me
Thanks Mom and Dad for everything.
It was a wonderful get-together

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