Sunday, December 20, 2015

Rich Family Christmas Party

24 pillows made with care, from Grandpa Ben's shirts he used to wear.......Hey !  I'm a poet :)
One for each of the kids and grandkids, and a special one just for Grandma Ben.

Joni had a great idea, and brought these props for photo ops.
Turned out great !
J.P., Ryker, Parker, Addison, Harper, Trapper, Kroix
Grandpa's pal's
Miss Brightyn loves to eat IF she gets to sit on anyone's lap while doing so :)
OLD Grandpa and Grandma Porter with their grandbabies :)
Kayla and Sidney with Autumn and Jocelyn
The Porter Crew (adults..........maybe)
Kayla and Brytain
Sleepy Rudolph
Cheesy Rudolph
Notice the "Naughty" boy, caught between his dad's legs for a split second photo shot.
Megan's bunch.
Brenda' s bunch
Hello Santa !
Mushy Mushy
Love this little family :)
Go Brightyn !!
Love these guys (and girl :)
Addison and Parker
Jared and Shaina's sweeties
Layna, Trace, Tyrel
Nathan and Jocelyn
Truer captions were never held...........
Todd, Nikki, Sawyer, Cedar
Had to capture this bunch without props....
Darrins' family
Grandma Ben (LuAnn) with all the GREATS and a couple of great greats

We sure missed Grandpa this year.
We wondered if we should cancel, but thought he would want the crazy show to go on.

I asked Roger later, how he was doing, because everyone always says to me, "How's Roger doing?" and I never know what to say.......He's a man of few words (haha, don't I know it!)   He said the thing he missed most was just sitting by his dad at the party, and watching the action.
After the party, Roger and I went up to the cemetery, and put little Christmas trees on Ambure's and Grandpa's graves.
We sure need to get Ambure's headstone redone.  You can't even read the writing on it any more.
Merry Christmas Grandpa

Layna gave Grandma a Christmas decoration out of wood, with the following words (at least I think these are the words)

Christmas in Heaven
What do they do?

They come to earth to spend it with you.
So save them a space, one empty chair

You might not see them,
but they will be there

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