Saturday, November 28, 2015

Our life Lately

Grandpa Ben had a stroke on Sunday, November 15th.  He was in the hospital for a week.  Here are Payson and Thatcher taking a peek.  Everyone loves Grandpa Ben.  We are sure sorry this has happened. 
I took Mom and Dad down to see Cyprus High School's musical production of Scrooge.  Colton was in the orchestra.  He is an awesome musician ! 
We had front row seats !
Treyson and Tagg reading a story.
I love this picture!
Zac has been working on forming up the base of his fence.  Monday they got it poured. 
Unfortunately they ended up about 35' short, so it will have to go on the next pour, hopefully next Monday. 
Thanksgiving - Annual Rich family picture :)
Tagg, Zac, CJ, Thatcher, Treyson.
It was again another BAD BURN DAY, so for the 3rd year in a row, our annual Thanksgiving Burn was cancelled :(
Tagg, Colton, Lance (home from Stanford), Thatcher, and Tagg
Our bellies are FULL !!!
Playing CLUE 
Hiding in the closet
Taking a nap
The Bettinson Bunch with Larissa, a German foreign exchange student.  She is very sweet, and we enjoyed having her with our family for her very first Thanksgiving !
Day after Thanksgiving - working on getting the second set of forms set up.
What a cold day to be working outside, but it doesn't stop Zac !
Hanging out at Grandma Ben's in the cold back bedroom, watching a Christmas movie.
Friday afternoon. 
Inviting Lucky in to eat some leftover pancakes for Breakfast.
We watched Landon and Kacey's kids overnight so they could go Black Friday shopping.
This was early Friday morning. 
Layne tried to fix Grandma LuAnn's bathroom sink, and the 70+ year old pipe just disingrated !
Thank goodness we have a plumber  in the family ;)
Grandpa is home from the hospital, resting comfortably.
Hospice is working with the family, and Kelly gets in tonight (Saturday) from Michigan.
Grandma Ben is a trooper.  We love them both so very much. 

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