Friday, November 6, 2015

Things I missed........(blogging about)

Payson loves to go to Crossfit with mom and dad (Brightyn no so much :) - Chans always has treats for the kids when their parents are finished with the WOD.
This is the cute little clubhouse in Landon and Kacey's backyard.  The kids LOVE it !
The other night at the pumpkin carving party, they kids clamored and played around the go-cart as much as they did the pumpkins !  Fun times !!
That same night, after carving, we took Pays and Bright home (because Landon and Kacey were down seeing Garth Brooks) to bath.  I told Payson I needed to wash his face, and he didn't want me to, so I had to take a picture of his face on my phone, and show him JUST how dirty his face was !!  He let me finally :)
The next morning, the kids woke up, and their parents were HOME with them, sleeping on our living room floor :)
We had pancakes of course, and here is my BEST flipper.  He's quite the expert :)
Zac is still welding on the fence.  All of the poles are lifted up and placed and tacked in place, now he just needs to go back and firmly weld all of the joints.  I think he about 1/3 done now.  It is SLOW going. 
Last Saturday was a beautiful day - wish the weather would have stayed as warm.   He tried to weld a little each afternoon after work, but it gets dark so soon, and cold, so he can only get so much done. 
I'm just finishing up the last of the tomatoes out of the garden.  Can you believe it ?!?!  November, and STILL fresh tomatoes.  I think this is the longest we've ever had them.  They are DELICIOUS !!!
October was a fun month as usual.  Grandma Carol had a fun Halloween party for all of her grandkids, and Payson and Brightyn loved it of course. 
FUN PIC !!   A man with no head, balancing a future cheerleader in the air !!  HAHA
Kacey and Brightyn coming down the slide at Black Island Farms
Harper (Keysto and Kaley's daughter) celebrated her birthday at Black Island Farms, they all had a great time !
Then it was the Girls Halloween Party (Brooks/Richins), and Kacey and Brightyn, along with her mom and sisters attended.  
Here they all are.  Kaley, Brittney, Kacey and Carol dressed as characters from the movie, "Inside Out".  They are each emotions.......I think Kaley was Angry (though she doesn't look it in this pic), Brittney was Sad (I think),  Kacey was Happy (I think), and Carol was Anxious or Scared (I think).  
Grandma Shirlee was able to celebrate Grandparents day at Morgan Elementary with Tagg and Treyson.  (I can't remember where I was...... I think in St. George hiking Zion.
I was able to help with Treyson's Webelos Scout group one night.  We went Geo-caching.  Lynelle Rich, one of my FAVORITE people is his leader.  Ethan Pace is the other boy.  There are just the two of them right now, and they have a great time. 

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