Sunday, November 1, 2015


We went and watched the boys wrestle last Thursday night.
It was great !  They all did so well. 

The first match, Payson and Thatcher wrestled each other.
It was intense, and fun, and there were tears, and happiness.
As a grandparent, we just want each of them to have a good time, and I think they did. 
Thatch is "ready to wrestle" !!
They had their cousins cheering them on !!
Thatcher took this photo - so cute :)
Sometimes they had to be coaxed..........
....and deals were made - bargains struck.......
Coming together to see who could "hug" the hardest........
.....and then throw the other one down :)
Fun Times
a few more tears...........
Getting enough courage to go BACK out there - ONE more time.
SMILE !!  
I did it Dad !!!
I knew I could :)
4 cute little boys.
Payson, Dustin Rock's son, Thatcher, and a Miebos kid
Then it was time for the bigger boys.
Tagg did really good.  He is a scrapper !
I don't have many pictures of him because my phone ran out of memory, and I had to use Roger's.
Treyson wrestled AWESOME !  Here he is wrestling a kid named Lane, who outweighed him by about 40-50 pounds.  Treyson dominated the entire time.  He has sure learned alot, and he was really aggressive, and kept him down.
Good Job Treyson ! - #2
We are glad Tagg is wrestling this year.  He is in a hard class, with John Rock's grandson, and the Pace kid (Tiffany Pentz's son), and a Venz kid.  He really gave it his all and was really aggressive.  
Go Tagg !!
Good job boys !!
Tagg is #5

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