Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Pumpkin Carving (night before Halloween)

Tagg drew a Frankenstein on one side of his pumpkin, then decided he wanted something else.  He was pretty adamant, and knew EXACTLY what he wanted.

Thatcher sitting on Treyson's HUGE pumpkin.

Before the carving started.

Now they are REALLY getting into it.  Notice Moroni in his gloves :)  He must not like the slimy GUTS that dad's have to pull out when their kids won't - haha
Thatcher tried digging his GUTS out with an ice cream scoop.
Treyson and Kaydence work well together.
Brightyn loved the noodles from my soup.  We had three different pots of soup, it was delicious.   Rolls too!!  Grandpa and Grandma D came, and also Grandpa and Grandma Ben.
Helping Pays clean his out, through a teensy tiny hole.
Zac had to keep enlarging the mouth, so that the little pumpkin could fit inside (being eaten by the big one).

This girls was ALL SMILES !

She would either say - CHEESE.............
...or TA DA !!!  over and over
Pays with his finished GHOST pumpkin.
The whole Crew !! (mostly)
Ta Da - again :)   I just love this picture.
Brightyn had one too, but I guess I didn't get a picture :( 

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