Friday, June 27, 2014

Ready Set Ragnar

Friday, June 27

5 am Jennie Leg 1  USU to River Heights 6.5 miles  very hard
6:12 am  Kacey  Leg 2   River Heights (in Logan) to Mtn. Crest Highschool  8.7 miles very hard
7:49 am Zac Leg 3  Mtn. Crest HS to LDS Chapel in Paradise 6.7 miles Hard
8:40 am Landon Leg 4   LDS chapel in Paradise to Canyon Road (near Avon pass) 4.3 miles moderate
Stan Leg 5    Canyon Road and then climbing the Avon Pass 7.4 miles Hard
10:43 am McKenzie Leg 6  Top of Avon Pass to Liberty Park 6.9 miles Hard
11:51 am Jennie Leg 7   Liberty Park  to Valley Elementary School (Eden) 4.7 miles Easy
Kacey Leg 8  Valley Elementary School (Eden) to Utah Dept. Nat. Res. trailhead 2.6 miles Easy
Zac Leg 9  Trailhead to LDS Chapel in Huntsville 2.9 miles Easy
1:10 pm Landon Leg 10 LDS chapel in Huntsville to Old Snowbasin Road 3.10 miles Easy

Stan Leg 11  Old Snowbasin Road to Snowbasin Resort  7.30 miles Very Hard
McKenzie Leg 12   Snowbasin Resort (around the mountain trails) 2 miles Hard
3:31 pm Jennie Leg 13   Snowbasin Resort  to New Red LDS Chapel in Mtn. Green 9.3 miles Very Hard
4:55 pm Kacey Leg 14  New Red LDS Chapel in Mtn. Green to Dirt Spot 3.2 miles Easy
5:30 pm Zac Leg 15   Dirt Spot to Milton Church 4.9 miles Moderate
Landon Leg 16  Milton Church to Morgan Highschool 4.2 miles Easy

7 pm Stan Leg 17  Morgan Highschool to Porterville church  (right by our house!) 4.2 miles Easy
McKenzie Leg 18   Porterville Church to East Canyon State Park 8.20 miles Very Hard
9pm Jennie Leg 19   East Canyon State Park to Henefer/Morgan County line 3.6 miles Moderate
Kacey  Leg 20  Henefer/Morgan County line to LDS Chapel in Henefer 5.9 miles Moderate
11:30 am  Zac Leg 21   LDS Chapel in Henefer to N.S. Highschool 11.6 miles Hard

Saturday June 28th

Landon Leg 22  North Summit Highschool to Wanship Rail trailhead 7.5 miles Hard

Stan Leg 23  Wanship Rail trailhead to Rockport State Park 5.5 miles Moderate
McKenzie Leg 24   Rockport State Park to Oakley Rodeo Grounds 6.3 miles Hard
Jennie Leg 25   Oakley Rodeo Grounds  to S.S. High School 5 miles Easy
Kacey Leg 26  South Summit High School to Francis Town Park 3.6 miles Easy
6:30 am Zac Leg 27  Francis Town Park to Jordanelle Reservoir overlook 7.7 miles Hard
Landon Leg 28  Jordanelle Reservoir overlook to Heber Valley Cheese Factory 6.10 miles Hard

Leg 29   Heber Valley Cheese Factory to LDS Chapel in Heber City 3.9 miles Easy
9:30 am Leg 30  LDS Chapel in Heber City to Rocky Mountain Middle School 2 miles Easy
Leg 31  Rocky Mountain Middle School to LDS Chapel in Charleston 4.10 miles Easy
Leg 32  LDS Chapel in Charleston to Homestead Resort 5,5 miles Moderate
11:45 am Leg 33  Homestead Resort to Pine Canyon 4.4 miles Very Hard
Leg 34  Three miles up Pine Canyon (RUNNING RAGNAR HILL) to Summit of Guardsman's Pass  4 miles Very Hard

Leg 35  Summit of Guardsman's Pass to Park City High School 9.8 miles Very Hard
Leg 36  Park City HS (up a mountain trail) and back to stadium at Park City HS. 2.8 miles Hard
4:15 pmFINISH LINE !!!

The last legs for everyone just about kicked butt !!  As is was, it took our Ultra team 35 hours and 15 minutes to run almost 200 miles - WITH NO CHEATING  i.e. subbing out runners ;)

Will they do Ultra again?  Hard to say....... IT.WAS.HARD.

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