Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Puerto Penasco - Day 3 (Wednesday)

Beautiful Morning - Puerto means PORT in Spanish, and Penasco means Rocky.  So it's actually Rocky Port in English.  Americans have changed it to Rocky Point. 

Early morning walk along the beach

While we were out quite aways exploring, a boat pulled up, and this guy jumped overboard, and walked up to us.  He wanted to know if we wanted to buy a shark to eat.  We were sorry we didn't have any money, and had to tell him no.  I feel so bad for the poor people down there. 

I found a CLOSED shell, and one that was open and hooked together, and one that was broken apart (many many of these).  Note:  After we got home, the closed one opened, and there was a CLAM? or something in side.  Boy did it STINK !!

More individuals selling their wares.  Mitch bought a Mango from them.  

We made a trip into town today, Rog and I, Marvin and Jessica, and Mitch and Brendon.  We drove to Cholla Bay, where the world famous J J's Cantina is located.    We had beef tacos, and Marvin had chicken wings.  Good stuff !

All buildings that we saw are built with cinderblock, and then some are stuccoed on the outside. 

Statue in town near the pier.  See the cute little lady selling her items in the shadow?

Back to the house, we got in the water again - Mitch and Therese

We broke out the snorkles, and the kids LOVED LOVED LOVED it.  They were amazing, and I was impressed at how well they took to it.  In no time at all, they were MUCH better than I was.  No Fear.

Cameron Claussen

Therese and Manda - notice Manda is totally covered, not wanting any more SUN BURN !!

Mitch, Therese, Manda, Cam

There is our house in the background, with the orange stairs

We picked up the kids some souvenirs in the town.  Cam's was a cute orange gecko sundress.


Love these two !

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