Monday, June 2, 2014

Puerto Penasco Mexico - Day 1 (Monday)

We left for Mexico from Amanda and Bren's home in Chandler about 9 am on Monday.  It is about 220 miles, and with stopping for lunch at Gila Bend, and gas at Ajo, and at the duty free store before crossing the border at Lukeville USA/Sonoyta Mexico, we arrived at Los Conchas gated community (see picture above) about 2:30pm.  The drive was uneventful.  We did pass some Federales (policemen) with AK47's patrolling the road (about 70 miles between the border and Puerto Penasco (aka Rocky Point).  We felt safe and secure.  All went well. 

Kitchen/living area of our rented home for the next four days.  Each family had a bedroom and bathroom to themselves.  There was:  Roger and Gwen (Camryn Dee slept with us - 3 twin beds), Marvin and Jessica, Mitch and Therese and their daughter Elle (3 years old), and Manda and Bren and Cam Classen (slept on a roll-out). 

Our home was right on the beach, and we had this big nice patio with stairs leading down to the sandy beach. 

They took to the water IMMEDIATELY !!

The boogie boards didn't work very well.  The waves weren't big enough, and I think the kids were too big for the boards.  

It was very peaceful and relaxing, and Roger D. spent most of his time relaxing in the shade on the patio.  He brought along his binoculars, and he sure used them, scoping out the birds, boats, dolphins, etc.  We were virtually alone in the neighborhood, and we saw maybe 10-15 people a day on the beach and in the water.

Some natives from the area would come to the side of the house, selling mangos, and souvenirs.  Here is Cam trying out a Mango.

Manda relaxing

Jessica, Marvin, Camryn, Manda, Roger D. and Brendon cooling off in the water.  It wasn't too hot, but the humidity at times was pretty high, and the water temperature was NOT COLD, and very refreshing. 

Cameron Claussen

We had grilled hamburgers, steaks, shrimp, halibut, salmon over the course of the week.  Mitch was usually head chef, with Marvin, Bren and Roger D. helping out. 

Elle and Camryn had a fun time together.  Elle didn't like the beach too much, but sure had a fun time playing in the house.  She is a sweet little girl. 

Camryn Dee :)

What !?! is that a SMILE  I see ??  Haha - just kidding, he had a great time, and wore shorts the WHOLE TIME !!  

There were TONS of shells, and we collected a bunch !

There was plenty of teasing...........

First Day Done - Success !!

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