Thursday, June 5, 2014

Puerto Penasco - Day 4 (afternoon) & 5 and then home......

Trying on Treyson's hat - I used it while collecting shells to keep the sun off my face.

This picture (from earlier today) - shows Roger D's nice sunburned legs

Cameron had to try it too !

Taking a selfie :)

He decided to add the flippers this time

Mitch tried out the kayak

We could have had a horse ride, were we so inclined.......we weren't :)

Elle, Therese and Mitch

There were tears...........back in Chandler

Our view in Old Town Vegas...........

From the top floor of THIS hotel

And when we got home, we had visitors :)

Who loved their cowboy hats !

Even Grandpa Ben got in on the action !

And of course they LOVED LOVED LOVED the shells, even if they did REEK !.

It was such a great trip, and we enjoyed it very much.  Thanks to Manda and Brendon and family and friends for putting up with a couple of old fogies...........  It was a WONDERFUL WEEK !

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