Sunday, June 29, 2014

Ragnar Recap with pics !

I was able to watch this sweetie while Landon and Kacey ran Ragnar.  What a good baby.  She was a joy, except when I couldn't get her to eat, and was worried I was doing something wrong !  She survived me :)

At the starting line in Logan - they got rained on !
Our adopted peacock, strutting in the rain.   We were worried our guys were getting rained on, and they were, but they survived too !

We drove over to Huntsville, and met up with the team.  This was just before Kacey left on her second leg.  This was about noon.

There she goes !
Kacey passed off to Zac (which we didn't see), and then Zac passed off to Lando in Huntsville. 

We had picked up Subway, and went to the park next to the church handoff to eat and watch. 

Thatch (and the other boys) LOVE LOVE LOVE Brightyn :)
Back home for the afternoon, Brightyn checking out the barnyard.

Then we drove down to Annette's to watch for our team again when they passed by. This was about 5 pm.  

Wow - a large gust of wind came up and we about were blown away!  When you were in the sun it was HOT, that is why we had the umbrellas. 

Of course Roger D just LOVES me taking his pic.  Annette too :)

And here comes Zachary !

Shedding an extra icky sweaty shirt :)  Tagg is such a helper :)

Tagg, me and Brightyn.  Waiting for Landon to run by near the Milton church. 

Back at our house about 7pm.  Stan had just ran by.  This was their RIDE.  

We had quite the houseful last night.  CJ was volunteering for Ragnar at the H.S.  They are such great kids, all of them.  It's great to a grandma, albeit a tired one :)
This morning - relaxing at home, waiting to head up to Park City for the finish.  There is Tagg in the background, cleaning for me.  He vacuumed, mopped the floor, dusted, shook rugs, emptied garbage..........  amazing !

Jennie passing off to Kacey.  This was the last leg of the race for both of them.  ALL of the "last legs" KICKED BUTT, and not in a good way.  Oh so HARD !!
At the finish line in Park City - hiding under tables to keep out of the sun !

CJ  = big helper :)  But we did figure it out that 2 women, against four children (including a baby, a 2 year old, 2 old boys who couldn't get along, 2 strollers, and a bus ride from parking) is an uneven match !  Where was Grandpa Roger when you needed him !?!

Waiting for the last runner on their team to finish - everyone is smiles here........but I think some of them were forced ;)

Thatcher got YOGURT ALL OVER his shirt at this point. 

She missed her Daddy :)
And there they are crossing at 4:15 pm.  35 hours and 15 minutes after they started !!  YEAH !!!

McKenzie Largent, Stan Durrant, Jennie Largent Durrant, Kacey and Landon Rich, and Zac Rich

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