Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Saturday Holes and Sunday Swings

We enjoyed our week with Camryn here for her Spring Break.  Saturday we were able to have a fun day at the Property

Up close shot of  Roger D's singed hair.  It got his eyelashes too !  The wind was blowing pretty hard, and the fire in the pit got a little too close  :)

They tried to fold up the blue tarp, but about got blown away !

It was pretty chilly when the wind was blowing, but we braved it and had a weenie roast.

Of course it was mostly the adults who were babies about the cold..........the kids didn't seem too affected, as they were off running around and playing.

Treyson and Tagg


Playing in the sand.  (Thatch was asleep in the car for alot of the time)

When the wind wasn't blowing, and as the afternoon got later, it actually was pretty pleasant. 

Now for the ACTION!   This is what we had been waiting for all day.  Kimbal Call came with his cool skidsteer on tracks and 12 inch auger, and drilled out 50 holes for the new fence we are putting up.  

It was fun to watch, and only took him about 45 minutes to do the job.  Fortunately the roots and rocks were NOT a problem.  Yeah !!

Back to playing..........and eating.........and here comes Grandma D with more hot chocolate !!

He's fascinated with the drinking water :)

Saturday night before bed, we put Cam's hair up in sock curls after her bath.

Just before we headed to the airport the next morning.  We sure miss her when she leaves, but we will see her again in April when we go down to AZ to catch a Cardinal/Diamondback baseball game, and to celebrate her birthday early !

Sunday after I got back, I stopped at the shop to see what Zac was up to.  He's working on the jeep again, and it's looking pretty great.

Then Rog came home, and we went back to the Property to check out the power poles that Zac had hauled out of the bushes with the tractor.  He had painted the bottom with tar (to protect from the cement), and was getting ready to put them in the 24 inch holes that Kimbal had dug on Saturday.

He was able to get the poles picked up and dropped into the holes without too much trouble.  I was a nervous wreck of course.......   I sure have my "Grandma Dickson" in me.  

We were able to level and brace the poles (we did two of them) and will plan to pour cement around the bases next Saturday. 

We (I keep saying WE, but it is actually mostly ZAC) will be fashioning a tall swing set - capable of handling adults.  My goal is to hear the sweet creak creak of the swings......similar to Como's swings when I was a little girl.  It was such a happy memory, running to the swings (as mom was unloading the car and little kids), and getting a few pumps in before heading to the pools :)  Happy Day !!

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