Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Grandkids are great !

Cool kid in the Philippines :)

Baby Budda aka Brightyn :)

While waiting for Grandpa she had breakfast at Chick Filet - what a breakfast !

I asked her if she wanted to go to the top of the tallest building in SLC - she said YES !!

Checking out our STATE CAPITOL
She said, "It looks just like Washington DC!"

She got a big kick out of the reflection pond - AND the fact that there is a garage underneath it.  This morning she was telling me all about how they should have  tunnel, and a water feature down in the garage area........she's a thinker !

Fountain at City Creek

She got antsy waiting for Grandpa, so we headed home to see the kids !!  Here she is with Thatcher and Tagg, and Kassidy? and Kathryn Wardell

Just in time we were able to find her a bike on Morgan Moms.  It will last her through her teens, and will always be here when she visits.  It was almost TOO big, but after a little doubting, she was able to ride it like a champ !!

We took them up to the Porterville Church parking lot and let them ride around there for awhile.  Then they travelled up the road a short way to Grandma and Grandpa Ben's (I was a nervous wreck of course)

It used to be when Cam visited that they couldn't be together for more than an hour without fighting.  Now, they are best buddies, with no problems at all.  Hurrah !!

We picked up 6 baby chicks at IFA.

Cam's are a Buff Orphington, and a Golden Wyandotte (Peachy and Keen)
Treyson's are a Rhode Island Red, and a Delaware (Brownish Brown and THE JEDI "said with a BIG voice" :)
Tagg's are White Crested BLUE AND BLACK Polish chicks (Striker and White Vulture)

Dad is almost finished with his tomato box project.  He has made 10.  I'm excited to see how they work !

Helping Grandma D

Putting the chicks away in their cozy little house

Checking out the Chicks

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