Friday, March 21, 2014

Excited for the Weekend !

But first - our little ones across the miles.......
So cute, eating his healthy supper, with an oven mitt on his hand......what????   Who knows, kids are so cute and funny :)

Oh Brightyn!! You won't even know us when you come home, and we will be lucky to recognize you !!   What a cute baby chunkster,  JUST LOOK AT THOSE CHEEKS !!!  Love her !!

They are looking MORE and MORE alike, don't you think ?!?!?!  And it's NOT just the bows (haha)

We will get to use this RAKER tomorrow !!  Hope it lives up to our expectations.  Roger D. said he doesn't know if it will save time..........but it will save on EFFORT, IF it works.   I'll be sure and post more pics after tomorrow. 

We'll get these bad boys cemented in tomorrow !!  

I'm sure all the kids will have a ball !!

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