Saturday, March 29, 2014

Great Times

Friday afternoon we decided to get the piles we had raked up the previous Saturday picked up.  These boys sure had a great time.  When they get along, they are the best buds, and have the best time together. 

Mom liked my pink jacket so much, that I ordered her one.  I think they will be our usual attire for  cleaning up at the property when it's cooler.  They are so warm !  I sure love her !

Hard Worker

Thatcher was running around everywhere, we had him climb up on the zip line platform to keep him contained :)

Treyson is getting to be a great helper.  He said he's got some of his "Dad" in him, and he wants to be a hard worker like him.  

One of many trips to the burn pile

He loves the 4-wheeler!  Whenever it starts up as we move from pile to pile, he is like Pavlov's dog, and comes a running !

I don't know WHAT he's doing here......but I told Zac to put a hand on him just in case !

The kids love the fire...........and now Tagg has discovered the AXE !!  Hope he doesn't lose a finger !

We keep a pretty good eye on him.  He's a great helper for Grandpa D, and saves him bending down alot.

Today (Saturday), we cleaned out the DITCH and the  PIT, which I have now renamed THE PIT FROM HELL.  All of those soggy leaves - YUCK !!!  Mom was up to the house fixing lunch, and when we went up I informed her, she was NEVER to do this alone again (as she has in past years).   It's just too hard.

Can you believe the pile of leaves?  Just from the upper PIT area, NOT in the ditch itself. 

Zac and Roger D. got the last of the posts tamped in, and then started on the ends.

Tagg managed to fall in the creek, which resulted in a quick trip home to change.  Scared him more than anything, and boy was he WET and MUDDY !

The fence is LOOKING GOOD !!

With a little help from everyone.............

Mostly ZAC :)

Ryan and DeeDe Pace's boys came up from their property to play.  Boy did these FIVE BOYS have a wild and crazy time.


Right at the end, while they were putting up the gates, Zac accidentally  slammed the gate into his nose.  BLOOD  EVERYWHERE !! ....but he didn't stop working of course. 

They hurried and finished up, and we quit for the day.  It was cold, and we were tired.   We love to hang out and work at the Property.  It was a great couple of days. 

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