Sunday, March 23, 2014

Be Happy......... and other stuff :)

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Now that you are listening to a happy song, we'll give you the sad news about our white turkey :(  Sometime Friday, he either did an accidental head dive into the soft hay in the barn........or fell off the hay bales into the soft hay...... either way his 50 pound body broke his neck (or smothered him - we aren't quite sure).   Rog found him upside down, buried deep in the soft hay.  Dead as a doorknob.

His head is back under his body, and all of that pink skin is just where his featherw were worn off by sitting on the ground.  He wasn't stiff and cold, so it must not have happened too long  before we found him. 

Tagg comparing his hand to the turkey's hand

Saturday morning we took him down by the creek and buried him.

The kids were wishing it would have been the ugly black turkey, because he is the mean one that goes after them ! 

Then we headed over to the property where we tried out the new "toy". 
The RAKER !!

  Rog and Zac tried a new idea this year, and as you can see the "raker" puts the leaves and twigs into rows.  Then they went back over the rows with the lawn mower, and it mulched them up, and into the catch bag.   It worked probably 75% of the way they wanted it too.  It doesn't save alot on time, but it does save on effort.  We got alot done, but there is still  more to do.  Spring clean up is the pits.    Zac is going to modify the raker, and hopefully it will work even better next time. 

Of course we had a weenie roast again :)

Relaxing !

We cleaned out the fire pit which was chuck full, and by the time we were done cleaning up and burning the twigs and leaves around the South end of the Property, we will need to clean it out again before we can have another weenie roast. 

Cementing in the poles

Tagg is always right there helping his Dad !
Then my phone died, so no more pics of the property..........

But Wait !!

Here are some from our family who is far away !!

Jordyn and Kacey took the kids to the Library.  
I guess they were quite the hit !!
Brightyn is at the far left being held.  She's in a turquoise shirt.  Kellen (Jordyn's baby) is next to her.
Payson is in front, but not looking at the camera. 

Jordyn took these beautiful photos of Brightyn to mark her 
2 month status :)
Isn't she a doll?

And Manda is on a weekend get a way with friends, relaxing in Prescott AZ !!
Love you Manda !!

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