Monday, July 3, 2017

Porter Family Reunion at the Property

Live Band !   Clive Romney and cohorts.  Excellent
Visiting and Eating and Relaxing
Aunt Shanna (Grandma Ben's sister)  and Aunt Anna (the last remaining DIL of  Frank and Emma Porter)
All of the 1st cousins with Aunt Anna
See Grandma Ben on the far left.
These are all Grandchildren of Frank and Emma Porter
Linden's family
Greg, Gina, Elise, Milo, Linda, Norris
Three of Aunt Nona's daughters
Aunt Fern's kids
Vaugh, Renae, Frank, Paul
Grandma Thelma's kids
Uncle Wayne and Grandma Ben 

Clive Romney - is the one who wrote this song !  We asked them to play it at the very end as an encore.

Kids of Frank and Emma Porter
Fern, (MOM - Emma), Nona, Linden,
Thelma, Keith
Emma and Frank Porter
Roger's Great Grandparents

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