Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Goat update

The goats are growing nicely.  Lewis and Clark have gone to their new home at Labs for Liberty.  Marvin and Otis will go to Angie Bryant's home on the Richville Lane about July 22nd.  The feeder Roger and Zac built is working so nicely.  At first, I thought that we had made a mistake in building it, as we were just hand feeding, and couldn't imagine it working.  Little did we know, these are SMART goats !!  Now 3 times a day (down from 4), out we head calling "baby baby", and they come running, and you can hardly walk for tripping over them.  They scramble to get to the bottles as you quickly put them in place.  The boys grab hold, and start sucking for dear life.  The girls do too, but then they quickly tire of "their" nipple, and try to horn in on the boys action.  We have to keep directing them back to their own nipple.  Poor little Otis is challenged (or maybe it's his eye site?) and has to be directed to a nipple every time. 
This little girls LOVES animals.
Clark and Landon
Payson asking a serious question

Sherilee brought her grandkids down to see the goats in action.
Tiff (Sherilee's daughter) and her son feeding Clark.
Mindy brought her crew !
6 goats !!  Enough for everyone :)
The Rose Dairy kids came down.  They are PROS when it comes to farm animals.  Just look at what that good left over milk has produced.
The Gubler girls (and mom) came to check out the babies.  There was MUCH loving going on.
We love to have visitors are our barnyard.

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